[AU/NZ] No Life Rust | 2x Vanilla | Solo Duo Only | 7/6

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Custom Map

Über diesen Server

Welcome to the No Life Rust server! Please read the server description below before joining.

No Life Rust is a solo/duo only 2x vanilla server with QOL plugins to improve your playing experience. The server is hosted in Australia.

Wipe Info:
Map & Blueprints wiped monthly
Last wipe: 8/3/24
Next wipe: 5/4/24

Server Info:
2x gather rates (Vanilla for sulfur)
2x Stack sizes (Resources only)
Max team size 2
Reduced Upkeep (50%)
Combined outpost & bandit camp
Reduced locked crate timers (50%)
NPC vending machines stay in stock (Bandit Produce Exchange is Balanced)
Increased animal population
Recyclers at Rigs, Cargo, Fishing villages and Dome
2x Recycler speeds
Some Minicopters spawn on roads
Sign artist
Skinbox for all

Please join our discord by clicking the view webpage button for more info, map voting, and server rules.

Thanks lads!

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