All Console commands for CS:GO

This page provides a list of all console commands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

If you need to know - How to open Console in Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server Options
mp_restartgame 1 - restart server.
bot_kick - disable bots.
bot_add_ct - connect bot for CT.
bot_add_t - connect bot for T.
mp_maxmoney 25000 - defines the money limit.
mp_startmoney 2500 - assigns the amount of money at the beginning of the battle.
mp_warmup_end - end of warm-up.
mp_warmuptime 235 - indicates the warm-up time.
mp_limitteams 0 - removes the limit of players in teams.
mp_autoteambalance 0 - turns off autobalance in teams.
mp_roundtime 10 - use if you need to change the time of the match.
mp_maxrounds 200 - Changes the maximum number of rounds.
mp_timelimit 40 - match time in minutes.
mp_c4timer 30 - the time until the bomb is activated.
mp_freezetime 0 - removes the freeze time at the beginning of the match.
mp_buytime 2500 - defines the purchase time in seconds.
mp_buy_anywhere 1 - use the command to buy weapons all over the map.
ammo_grenade_limit_total 6 - the ability to buy an unlimited number of grenades.

CS:GO server global settings
sv_cheats 1 - Allows players to use cheats.
sv_visiblemaxplayers 10 - the maximum number of players (in our case, 10).
sv_specnoclip 1 - Allows players in spec mode to walk through walls and objects.
sv_specspeed 1.5 - changes the speed in spec mode.
sv_forcepreload 1 - players are connected only after the server is fully loaded.

Computer mouse options
sensitivity 2.3 - determines the sensitivity of the mouse.
m_customaccel 0 - deactivates acceleration.
m_customaccel_exponent 0 - removes the measurement of the acceleration proportional factor.
m_customaccel_max 1 - acceleration proportionality factor.
m_customaccel_scale 0.02 - default mouse acceleration value.
m_forward 1 - equips the mouse forward control sensitivity multiplier.
m_mouseaccel1 0 - doubles the speed of the gaming mouse in (Windows).
m_mouseaccel2 0 - Quadruples the gaming mouse (Windows).
m_mousespeed 1 - gaming mouse acceleration factor (Windows).
m_pitch 0.022 - mouse inversion.
m_rawinput 1 - the use of this command allows direct connection of the mouse, due to which the PU settings in the operating system are ignored.
m_side 0.2 - adjusts the sensitivity of the movement speed.
m_yaw 0.039 - controls the left-right turn rate sensitivity multiplier.

Cheat commands
noclip - activates or deactivates the ability to fly, pass through walls and objects.
mat_wireframe 1 - activates or deactivates the view of the wireframe of the walls.
god - activates or deactivates immortality mode.
r_drawothermodels 2 - enables the ability to look through walls.
r_drawothermodels 1 - removes the ability to look through walls.
Commands for issuing weapons via the console

give weapon_m4a1 - equips an M4A4 without a silencer.
give weapon_m4a1_silencer - equips an M4A1 with a silencer.
give weapon_famas - equips FAMAS.
give weapon_aug - equips an AUG.
give weapon_scar20 - equips the SCAR-20.
give weapon_awp - equips AWP.
give weapon_ssg08 - equips SSG-08.
give weapon_ak47 - equips AK-47.
give weapon_galilar - equips the Galil AR.
give weapon_sg556 - equips SG556.
give weapon_g3sg1 - equips G3SG1.
give weapon_awp - equips AWP.
give weapon_ssg08 - equips SSG-08.

Submachine guns
give weapon_mp9 - equips the MP9.
give weapon_mp7 - equips the MP7.
give weapon_ump45 - equips the UMP-45.
give weapon_p90 - equips P90.
give weapon_bizon - equips PP-19 Bizon.
give weapon_mac10 - equips the MAC-10.

give weapon_usp_silencer - USP-S.
give weapon_hkp2000 - P2000.
give weapon_glock - Glock.
give weapon_elite - Dual Berettas.
give weapon_p250 - P250.
give weapon_fiveseven - Five Seven.
give weapon_cz75a - CZ75-Auto.
give weapon_tec9 - Tec-9.
give weapon_revolver - Revolver R8.
give weapon_deagle - Desert Eagle.

Heavy CT and T
give weapon_nova - equips Nova.
give weapon_xm1014 - gives out XM1014.
give weapon_mag7 - equips the MAG-7.
give weapon_sawedoff - equips Sawed-Off.
give weapon_m249 - gives out M249.
give weapon_negev - equips Negev.

give weapon_knife - equips with a knife.
give weapon_c4 - gives a C4 bomb.
give weapon_taser - gives out Zeus.
give item_defuser - equips with wire cutters.
give item_vesthelm - equips with armor with a helmet.
give item_vest - equips with armor without a helmet.

give weapon_hegrenade - equips with a frag grenade.
give weapon_smokegrenade - equips with a smoke grenade.
give weapon_flashbang - equips with a flash grenade.
give weapon_molotov - equips with a Molotov cocktail.
give weapon_incgrenade - equips with an incendiary grenade.
give weapon_decoy - equips with a fake grenade.

Commands for changing the position of the hands
cl_righthand 0 - the position of the weapon is assigned to the left hand.
cl_righthand 1 - the position of the weapon is assigned to the right hand.
viewmodel_presetpos 1 - default type of weapon in hand.
viewmodel_presetpos 2 - an enlarged view of the weapon in hand.
viewmodel_presetpos 3 - classic type of weapon in hand.
viewmodel_fov 57 - zooms in and out of the weapon in values

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