Introducing Operation Riptide

Valve released a new Counter Strike Global Offensive update with Operation Riptide!

Less than a year after the release of the last operation, the developers released a new operation Riptide, as well as many global and interesting innovations and changes to the game, which we will discuss below.

Turbo Mode from Dota

One of the most pleasant updates is the new game mode, which has successfully moved from Dota 2 to CS: GO - Turbo Mode. With this mode, you can choose a shorter type of game with 9 rounds need to win, thanks to which you can get the same emotions from the game, spending less time.

New DeathMatch

After so many years, developers finally heard the requests of the fans and added update for Deathmatch mode in CS:GO. Team Deathmatch (the game continues until one of the teams reaches 100 frags) and FFA Deathmatch (all players are enemies) were added to the existing mode. The only thing left to do is to introduce DM with certain guns.

Updated Dust 2 and Inferno maps

Added a new Maps for default Gamemodes + Danger Zone

Deleted maps: Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera and Frosbite.

Added maps Basalt and Insertion II for Matchmaking mode, Ravine and Extraction. Added a "Country" map for Danger Zone

Added Shield for CT in hostage modes

The game has received an innovation, the Shield has been added. It is available for purchase for CT, available only on hostage maps. You can only damage a player with a shield by shooting in the legs. If you shoot at the shield for a long time, it will break, the player with it will see the remaining shield hp level. Previously, the shield was only available in the "Danger Zone" mode, you can get it using the "weapon_shield" command.


Now you can drop grenades by press "G" button, but after you dropped out a grenade, you won't be able to buy the next one.

New Skins, case and models

With Operation Riptide added a many guns, new models, and other rewards. You need to complete missions and earn more operation coins to get rewards.

Read the full news at CS:GO official website

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