SAMP on Android - How it's works

SAMP Mobile (For Android) - This is an unofficial mod, based on SAMP 0.2.2 leaked source code. You can play on all SAMP servers with this client. But how this works?


SAMP for Android have 3 important things:

  1. Launcher
  2. Client
  3. Game Cache

1. Launcher can help you to download game client and cache, enter a ip, change nickname via settings.ini file in Game Cache directory. After change settings, this app can open Client with needed parameters.

2. Client is a modified GTA:SA android App, where injected file. 

* - SAMP adapted for android, based on leaked SAMP sources

3. Cache is a GTA:SA cache with samp textures, models, needed files and settings


If you need to play SAMP on Android, you can download SAMP Mobile Launcher from Google Play

If you need to play on your Server:

1. Download and install SAMP Android Client + Cache on our website (Pages > SAMP > Files)

2. Change NickName and IP:PORT in Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/SAMP/settings.ini file

3. Click on GTA:SA App

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