GTA Definitive Edition Remastered Trilogy will work with SAMP?

From insiders, Rockstar Games is in the final stages of work on the famous remastered GTA Trilogy (III, Vice City and San Andreas). According to leaks, Grove Street Games studio is engaged in the remasters. Recently, Take Two has actively blocked many third-party graphics enhancements and global GTA mods where old content adapted on modern engines. Take Two confirmed that they are currently developing three new titles.

Update: GTA Trilogy Released, you can check a GTA: Definitive Edition Cheats


The news is really good, especially important for those who play in 2021, GTA San Andreas is an actual game together with a multiplayer modification of SAMP. But what about the Remaster? Will it support San Andreas Multiplayer?

At the moment, it is known that the remasters will have an updated engine (Most likely, the same, but improved RenderWare Engine, but maybe it's a Rage or Unreal Engine if the developers were able to adapt the content from the old engine), which will allow to extended limits, which ultimately will make it possible to improve the appearance of the game, the quality of textures and models without bugs and crash, and so is the drawing range, and other parameters that improve the performance of the game, while spending less time and doing more work.

In addition, many problems and bugs with compatibility with new OS will be fixed. All this gives a chance to use SA-MP and VC-MP on new remasters. Do not forget about the fact that the San Andreas Multiplayer source code is walking on the network, because of this, now many can play SAMP on Android.


A high-quality Vice City remaster with modern player control, extended limits and increase graphics quality, will give a chance for the revival of the Vice City Multiplayer modification.

As a fan of San Andreas Multiplayer who has played more than 10 years, this is great news for me, since ENB modifications, and various third-party graphics "improvements", heavily load computer resources, besides Such modifications often cause errors, crashes and crashes. The official remaster will allow you to enjoy the trilogy again, and possibly play the remaster online.

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