How to get S&Box Developer Preview

Sbox (Sandbox) - is a sequel to the famous game Garrys Mod from developer Garry Newman (Facepunch Studio) based on Source 2 Engine.

For developers, modelers and beta testers there is an opportunity to get a steam key for the beta release (Developer Preview). 

How it's works:

You need to login on page, and get your place in the queue.

You see: You are 2,286/22,678. Your workshop score is 1. At the current rate you will get access in 1 month.

- 22,678 - Total players in queue.

- 2,286 - Your place.

If you have Garry's Mod workshop content, your workshop score will increase, and you get a better chance to get S&Box.



You need a Garry's Mod on your Steam account.

If you have a your own Garry's Mod mods, models, textures and other Steam workshop content (Only created before Jul 20 2021), you have more chances to get a game.


This is a development preview. We're fixing the source engine - so some things might not work how you expect them to. For example, when mapping entity names and properties have changed. Let us know what you're confused by, what functionality is missing - help the community by contributing to the wiki.

  • The game isn't finished
  • The game isn't Garry's Mod
  • There will be bugs
  • Nothing is final
  • Your access can be revoked for any reason

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