How to get S&Box Beta Access (Updated)

If you want to help S&Box community, want to make mods, or just help other developers with testing? You can access the game before the official release.

The system for obtaining Beta Access (Developer preview) has been changed. Now, to get access, you need to go to Sandbox assets website, to the ~get page, and wait for blue squares.  if there is a blue active squares, just click on it. Brown squares indicate that the giveaway is currently closed.

  1. Here you can claim access to the developer preview of s&box. The game will be added to your Steam account - so make sure you're logged in to the right account. Once granted you may need to restart Steam to get the game to show up.
  2. This is temporary access to help us test the game and give you a head start. If you're not active for a number of months your access might get removed.

Official Assets website:


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