Panda Rust | 2x | Vanilla | Monthly | Solo Duo Trio Quad

Rust Server
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  • Ping 69 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2546
  • Map No BP Wipes | 4 Max
  • Players peak 291
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No BP Wipes | 4 Max

About this server

Panda Rust 2x Quad Monthly

A all new rust server here to bring you and your team the best play experience ever on rust!
Our staff team will protect you from cheaters so you can play at your best. Information below

Team limit 4
Custom events (Convoy)
Exclusive Plugins (Free VIP, Voice chat rewards)
Quality of life addons
Mini's spawn on roads
Boats spawn on shores

Wipes time every force wipe
No Bp Wipes.

all rules and other information can be found in our discord here >> Click View Webpage To Take You There Now!

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