J.A.R.V.I.S.| PVE | Farm, Build, Enjoy | NO Sandbox

Rust Server
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  • Ping 55 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2546
  • Map Custom Map
  • Players peak 18
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Custom Map

About this server

Tired of toxic players and PVP? You just want to have fun with people, farm and build architectural masterpieces (NO SANDBOX)?
Then you've come to the right place!

Building, farming and togetherness is our main focus.

Here are more advantages:
- Backpack
- Remover Tool
- BGrade (automatic upgrade while building)
- Increased Stack size
- Increased gather rates (2x)
- ZLevels (increases gather rate with every level even more)
- Skins and Building Skins
- Free NPC Taxi
- Quick Smelt
- No BP Wipe and biweekly wipe (/wipe)
- Adjusted decay
- Fun Mods like Cooking, Raidable (NPC) Bases, Boss Monster and Trivia Quiz
- Rewards for loyal players/contest winners and winners of various challenges
- various mods to protect you players from PVP attacks/theft
- And many more!

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