Rust Rebelion Max 4 Wiped 16.04

Rust Server
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  • Ping 55 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2546
  • Map Procedural Map
  • Players peak 490
  • 0 votes

Procedural Map

About this server

Rust Rebelion is a world of ruthless survival struggle. The loot system, privileges, and in-game currency provide unique opportunities for players.
Leaderboards track statistics in categories such as 'Top Farmers,' 'Top Killers,' 'Top Builders,' 'Top Raiders,' and 'Top Scoring Players.' NPCs drive loot-filled vehicles, and there are cases containing valuable items.
High speed and low ping ensure a smooth gaming experience. The custom map in the style of 'King of the Hill' offers diverse locations with loot and interesting places for construction.
The central island features a network of railways at different levels.
Immerse yourself in this captivating world and prove your survivability on the server.

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