Deka Norway | Solo/Duo/Trio

Rust Server
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  • Ping 99 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2524
  • Map Procedural Map
  • Players peak 91
  • 0 votes

Procedural Map

About this server

Welcome! Vanilla, slowed decay-rate. Rust Plus is activated. Weekly wipe (thursdays), monthly BP-wipe (first thursday every month).

Please respect each other and contribute to the server ideal (and rules) which implies following the group limit (max 3), stay noob friendly and limit griefing.

The following rules apply:
- No racism
- No cheating/scripting/exploiting
- No roaming, raiding or engaging in any PVP with 3+
- No roaming with a player outside your team
- No more than 3 players authenticated in base at any time
- VPN/Proxy is not allowed
- VAC/Gameban < 365 days = permaban

Discord -

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