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Rust Server
28 / 100
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  • Ping 193 ms.
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  • Version 2546
  • Map Custom Map
  • Players peak 80
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Custom Map

About this server

Time to nut up or shut up - ZombieLand.io - discord.gg/ZombieLand
WARNING: This is not an easy mode PVE server, you will face challenges
Our NPCs are difficult and our zombies are brutal, this is not an RP server.
This server is for the fear and thrill of PVP rust, without the toxicity.
If you easily rage quit when challenged, this is not the server for you.
Zombie hordes will raid you (only if you are online and inside your base).
Hundreds of hand made/balanced NPC raid bases on exclusive custom maps.
ACTUAL play to win with all perks/ranks offered for just playtime.
Customized and balanced skills system for character development.
PVE with unlimted Raid base day and numerous admin run events with prizes.

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