Rust Lands monthly | Solo/Duo/Trio | No BP Wipe | Active Admins

Rust Server
18 / 100
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  • Ping 66 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2547
  • Map Custom Map
  • Players peak 24
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Custom Map

About this server

Welcome to Rustlands!

We value our players and have active staff to assist you right away.
Join our discord to follow up on all of our rust content and wipe information!

1. No racist or homophobic Slurs, or extreme vulgar/sexual language.
2. Feel free to speak whatever language you want unless abused
3. No DDosing/Doxing of any type.
4. No stream Sniping
5. Use common sense
6. No External use of programs unless allowed by Facepunch Studios Ltd
7. No game/VAC banned accounts/alts that are under 125 days old
8. No proxies or VPNs are permitted.
9. Team limit of 3.

Blueprints are not wiped. We try our very best to get your best Vanilla experience,
help us with feedback in our discord!
Wipe Is first Thursday of every month @ 2pm Eastern Standard.

Our discord

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