Destroyer PVE 1000x

Rust Server
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  • Ping 185 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2546
  • Map Procedural Map
  • Players peak 29
  • 128 votes

Procedural Map

About this server

✔ Wipe Schedule · Twice A Month Wipe
✔Do NOT cheat. Any cheating will result in a ban
✔Do NOT grief. ANYONE judged to be griefing will get 1 warning, then banned
✔Report suspected cheaters/griefers to the admins via DM on discord, not in the ingame chat
✔Do NOT use another players base for anything (unless in a team). Again 1 warning, then banned
✔NO eploits
✔NO spamming in chat
✔NO spamming deployables
✔NO racism. Banned imediately, NO warning
✔No toxicity
✔DO NOT enter other players bases, furnaces, refinaries. They are not yours
✔Any inappropriate images/signs WILL be removed. If you try to place them again you will be banned

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