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Version 2336
Map RustMaps.co.uk_Shivering_Sands.

IP Game Rust
Version 2336 Map RustMaps.co.uk_Shivering_Sands.
Record 4 players Location Greece
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Website None Discord @6uZv6EpfGC

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GameStyle: Its a PVE server perfect for new players with Battlepass Events rewards Professions, When you enter on Event and Raidable Bases zone you can pvp with other players! You can have a pet to play with you, Backpacks to have extra space in your Inventory, Finally you dont need anymore fuel to have electricity in your base because you can have electricity by paying with your ingame cash or Draw electricity from Grids, the map its big and you have a lot of places to build your base even you can have a Water Base. While you are playing you can find Dangerous Treasures and Amazing events and if you want to join or create clan just write /clan in chat!


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Last update 1 month ago