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Version 2345
Map BarnacleReef-V1

IP Game Rust
Version 2345 Map BarnacleReef-V1
Record 1 players Location Poland
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Website discord.gg Discord @bRPZVBvT8N

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Hey all,
we started a new PVE (TruePVE activated) server with always nice custom maps to explore.
Depending on what people ask for we also will add raidable bases and more PVE content (harder NPCs or even Bossfights). There is also a nice Addon installed called SkillTree so you can unlock special abilities by time.
The TruePVE works pretty good so raiding and killing shouldn't be a problem.
Some small things you need to careful will stay like twig is destroyable and furnaces, horses... are not lockable, so this could be stolen and it's still RUST so be careful :)
Admins are available over Discord - And please if you like the server a bit join Discord to form a small but fun community if you like.
Oh, and if you want to train your helicopter skills you should try our server because the /mymini command that gives you a minicopter for free is activated for everybody. With enough people we can also do some heli race events.

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Last wipe: 4 weeks ago
Server added 4 weeks ago
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