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IP Game Rust
Version 2511 Map Fallout: Badlands (customized)
Record 29 players Location United States
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Website shop.theoasisrust.com Discord @bkbvqvKEH3

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🌴 Welcome to The Oasis a PVE server with PVP Zones. Optimized with many plugins to improve your experience on 'the island'.🌴

-- Bi-Weekly Wipe -- Monthly BP Wipe -- 24hr Purge Before Wipe.
-- Raid-Protection - Scrap For Timed Protection
-- Clans - Up to 8 Per Clan 6 Roaming Rule
-- Gathering Levels For Incremental Gathering
-- Gathering Sets You Can Find - Increased Yield Bonus When Wearing
-- Increased Stacks
-- Quests For Server Rewards
-- Custom Loot Tables
-- Quarries and Pump Jacks
-- Much Much More!

- Economy With Gather Rewards -- (/balance)
- Backpacks (/backpack)
- Set Homes, & Teleports (/tpr /outpost /bandit /town) 40 Daily /tpr.
- Recyclers (/recycle)
- Server Rewards With A Store To Spend Points (/s)
- (VIP) Vehicle License (/buy)
- (VIP+) Banks (/bank)

See #server-commands in our Discord for an extensive list of commands in-game.

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Play on [US] RustedParadise PVE/PVP [SkillTree|EpicLoot|Events] (Rust server)

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Wipes every 2 weeks Last wipe 2 weeks ago

Server added 1 year ago

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