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Version 2366
Map Custom Map

IP Game Rust
Version 2366 Map Custom Map
Record 15 players Location United States of America
Ping 18 ms Votes 6 votes
Website None Discord @4vQSZCW3Za

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Foxy Shores is a new community aiming to create a fun and challenging PVE Experience.
Gathering and Loot on our Server is increased by stackable rates:
Skill Rates (Mining, Farming, Technician - Brad/Heli, Marauder - NPC and more)
Gathering Clothes (Multiple Clothes Set to boost your gathering)
Every crate is custom made to get rid of most useless items and electronics!
Virtual Quarries to mine resources ; quarries and survey charges can be looted in different areas. You can even mine RP with them!
Some of the activities we have:
Guarded Crates (Locked Crates with NPC Guards, higher the tier, higher the reward and difficulty)
Bradley Tiers (Bradley spawns in different tiers at Launch Site, Airfield and Train Yard). Helicopter Tiers available also!
Raidable Bases (Raid NPC Bases with NPC Protectors, tiers up to Nightmare)
Many Roaming NPC in Monuments/World ; Boss Arena and Roaming Bosses!
Convoy on the loose every hour!
Grind for Runes and apply Skills to your Weapons via Enchanting!
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Wipes every 2 weeks Last wipe 5 months ago
Server added 11 months ago
Last update 2 days ago