~={U.S.P}=~ (PvE) Rusty Server! - Rust server

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Version 2352
Map Procedural Map

IP Game Rust
Version 2352 Map Procedural Map
Record 10 players Location United States of America
Ping 28 ms Votes 46 votes
Website unitedskilledplayers.com Discord @Ckfdrrfa7A

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Our server is “PvE” only which means that it removes the toxicity of other game servers .

Our server prevents any other human players from killing, raiding or griefing anyone !

Gather, craft, build, hunt & explore while trying to simply survive the environment . Be friendly, help each other out, have fun & enjoy our server !

Last comments

Great server with wonderfully helpful people

Alexis (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Great server to play on. People are fun to play with. They help if you need it, or let you be if you prefer to solo it. The Town build is great too especially if you like building near others!

Sycamoria (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Wonderful server, everyone is friendly and helpful! Great PVE server to be creative

SunFlower (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Excellent Creative/PvE server. Friendly players, friendly admin -- and still challenging but achievable PvE for players of all levels. Highly recommended!

Cliff Topology (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Great Admin that keeps the map clean and is helpful to others. Highly recommended if you want a PVE stress free server.

Sula (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

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Wipes every month Last wipe 1 week ago

Procedural Map

Current map on this server is the Procedural Map for RUST game
Server added 1 month ago
Last update 3 minutes ago