The Zombie Apocalypse | Solo/Duo/Trio | 5 stars | - Rust server

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Version 2365
Map New Dawn

IP Game Rust
Version 2365 Map New Dawn
Record 7 players Location New Zealand
Ping 64 ms Votes 0 votes
Website Discord @z4tgntmRv7

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Think you can survive the Dark?

During the daylight everything seems easy, life is good. Food is abundant. But don't be fooled. There is a darkness in this place, and you don't have much time before the dead arrive. Air Raid sirens will announce the arrival of the Dark.

Players choose one of the 27 Events they want to try from our in game catalogue: - type /events for the menu
QOL Plugins are free and can be purchased from the /shop

+Free Minicopter
+Wipe Kits
+Fast Crafting
+No Blueprints or Workbenches
+No wipe cycles. Players Vote for wipes in /info.
+Upgradable Backpacks
+Upgradable Furnaces
+AntiOffline Raid Protection by Armourguard.
+Online Raid Protect for a fee
+Gather Rate increase with XP
steam://connect/ or client.connect
For more information please visit

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