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Version 2352
Map Procedural Map

IP Game Rust
Version 2352 Map Procedural Map
Record 2 players Location Germany
Ping 12 ms Votes 9 votes
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Welcome to the Rich Bee modified server!
The server partially or fully supports English, German, Polish and Russian languages!
Today, all plugins are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

- Advanced chat, prefixes, name color, message color, /chat
- Auto close doors when exiting the game, /ofd
- Autodistribution in kilns and refineries
- Backpack for 42 cells, /backpack
- Change the skin of your items, /reskin
- Character level development system (reset once a year, January 1st)
Woodcutting, Mining, Skinning, Aquire (up to level 200) & Crafting (up to level 20)
- Creating a recycler, /recycler.craft
- Duration of the day 60 minutes, duration of the night 5 minutes
- Home teleport system, /sethome NAME, /removehome NAME, /home NAME
- Remove your buildings, /remove

More details in the game, in the chat: /info

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Last wipe 1 month ago

Procedural Map

Current map on this server is the Procedural Map for RUST game
Server added 1 month ago
Last update 3 hours ago