Aftermath-Hardcore Survival/Custom Loot/No Raiding - DayZ server

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Version 1.21.156201
Map chernarusplus

IP Game DayZ
Version 1.21.156201 Map chernarusplus
Record 15 players Location United States of America
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Website Discord @Kv6pHfh

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1. Base raiding is strictly prohibited, violations will result in being ban from the server. No questions asked.

2. We reserve the right to ban players who exhibit behavior that negatively effects other players' experiences.

3. Groups of three or more players can request to be recognized as official groups. Official groups may also request custom clothing, private Discord channels and car keys for their vehicles. Groups of six or more may request that zombie spawns be removed from a (completely secured) base/compound/settlement they have established.

4. Cheats, glitching and abuse of in game mechanics is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in being ban from the server.

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Truly hardcore, exciting and fun. Good luck, your going to need it.

Heinrich recommends
Posted 8 months ago

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