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Version 2370
Map Procedural Map

IP Game Rust
Version 2370 Map Procedural Map
Record 104 players Location United States of America
Ping 30 ms Votes 1 votes
Website Discord @bV2avDYGmh

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🏆| This is hands down the best PvE/PvP server out their.
🧰| Starter kit includes Sar+60rds +Hatchet+Pickaxe +cloth clothing

🔗| Discord:
🔗| Website:
🔗| Connect:
🔗| Connect:

Server Details+
💯| Utilizing PvE/PvP Zones, with one massive PvP dome off to the side called Thunder Dome!
💯| Your play time is rewarded with 500RP/HR which can be spent in the in game /shop!
💯| Custom Lootables: Make sure to look closely at containers around gas stations & monuments ;)
➕| Bases are not radiable in PvE.
➕| All monuments are PvP Everything else is PvE.
➕| Bandit camp and Outpost are PvE Safe zones as well.
➕| You can put a code lock on your large furnace or oil refinery, and it is safe from outsiders!
✨| MVP | can use /sil to upload images to signs
✨| MVP | can craft recyclers for your base/s /recycler.craft
❔| If you have A

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Wipes every month Last wipe 1 month ago

Procedural Map

Current map on this server is the Procedural Map for RUST game
Server added 5 months ago
Last update 2 days ago