[SEA]Masters 2x PVP Solo /Duo /Trio [WIPED 20/1] - Rust server

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Version 2367
Map Procedural Map

IP Game Rust
Version 2367 Map Procedural Map
Record 6 players Location Singapore
Ping 56 ms Votes 1 votes
Website mastersglobal.tip4serv.com/ Discord @VgZKYcB5eM

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Welcome to [SEA] Masters 2x PVP!

Host: GTX Gaming - SG (Good Quality Host for High Productive Action and Smooth Gameplay)

- 2x Resource rates (Including Excavator)
- Half crafting speeds and improved Smelting
- Component system loot (No junk items)
- No exceptions are made for allies, neighbors, hotels, friends, slaves or smaller groups
- You cannot make arrangements not to kill each other / work together in anyway
- Trading is only allowed via Vending machines (Drones only preferred), and safezones (Outpost, Barns, Fishing Villages)(We have made Shopfronts available at Large Fishing Village, Large Barn and Outpost)

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Hi, Great and not toxic! Love it

Rust king (Guest) recommends
Posted 5 months ago

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Wipes every week Last wipe 4 months ago

Procedural Map

Current map on this server is the Procedural Map for RUST game
Server added 5 months ago
Last update 2 hours ago