[US] vBroun - 2x - QUAD - No BP Wipe - Noob - SOLO/DUO/TRIO/QUA

Rust Server
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IP Game Rust
Version 2519 Map Procedural Map
Record 8 Players Location United States
Ping 3 ms Rating 0
Website store.vbroun.net Discord @6K45veGtnN

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Free Donor Info:
- Free Donation rank on our website for the first 250 to redeem
- $80 worth of donor perks for new players!
- Coupon codes NEWLIFETIME1 for $50 Rank Lifetime
- NEWPLAYERS3 for 2nd Tier 3 Month Subscription

Store: https://store.vbroun.net/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6K45veGtnN
Server Info:
- No BP Wipes
- 2X Spawn Rates
- 2x Resources
- 2x Resource & Ammo Stacks
- 50% Upkeep
- High Density
- 4 Team Limit
- Bank Economy
- Lose 50% of Money on Death
- Safely Store Money at ATM Bank
- Noob Friendly
- 12 Hours Playtime Noob Protection
- 14 Hour Wipe Raid Protection
- Minicopters spawn on roads
- No Bans under 365 Days
- No more than 2 Steam, Vac or Game Bans allowed total
- Community Bans are tracked and reported, more than 1 will result in a kick.
- Trading Allowed
- Alliances Limited to 2
- No walling or turreting of Monuments or Quarries


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Play on [US] vBroun - 2x - QUAD - No BP Wipe - Noob - SOLO/DUO/TRIO/QUA (Rust Server)

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Wipes every 2 weeks Wipe 3 weeks ago

Procedural Map

Current map on this server for RUST

Server Added 2 months ago

Last Update 6 minutes ago