- US Weekly | Low Upkeep | WIPED 02/22

Rust Server
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IP Game Rust
Version 2519 Map
Record 25 Players Location United States
Ping 4 ms Rating 1
Website Discord @

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Welcome to
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Wipe Schedule: Map Wipe Weekly on Friday`s
Map Size: 3500
Team UI: 12

• Low Upkeep / 50% Reduced Upkeep Cost
• Turret Limit Removed
• Reduced Bradley Respawn Time
• FPS+ Server & High Tickrate
• Custom Maps & Swamps Disabled
• Recyclers @ Fishing Village & Barn
• Additional Drone Vendors
• Map Voting on Discord
• Community Voting on Server Changes
• Non P2W Community
• Active Non-Playing Admins
• All Players Welcome, Beginner Friendly!
• Beginner Guides in Discord!


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