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Version 1604
Map Los Santos

IP Game FiveM
Version 1604 Map Los Santos
Record 53 players Rating 0 votes
Ping 192 ms Location Australia
Website www.outbackgaming.com.au Discord @cvw5GUx

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Welcome to the Outback Community – Authentic Australian RP, Victorian based!
-Australian Based: Our world is based around the state of Victoria, with the server being hosted in Sydney, ensuring optimal latency for oceanic players, with players from other regions still having a good connection too, just ask our international players!
-Focussed on Progression: We work continuously to improve the contents of the server and take the communities input into account when making changes.
-Custom Cars: We have a variety of custom vehicles on the server, from sports and supercars for street races, to 4X4s for off-roading in the country!
-Emphasis on Performance: We always ensure that resources that are added to the server are rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure server stability is maintained.
-Custom Jobs & Businesses: There are several jobs that have been created and operate around the community’s ideas and suggestions. There are also player run businesses with associated jobs. There’s

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