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Version 2506
Map Rustoria Map Generation

IP Game Rust
Version 2506 Map Rustoria Map Generation
Record 1031 players Location United Kingdom
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Other servers by this Project Rustoria - US Main 468/500 - EU Long 213/250
[EU] - RTG (UKN) Combat Arenas | AimTrain | Targets 82/200 - US Long 81/200 - US Mondays 79/200 - 5x No BPs [ Solo/Duo/Trio | Shop ] JUST WIPED 14/150
[EU] 29/9 - 3x No BPs [Loot+/Shop/Max 6] JUST WIPED 10/175
[US] - RTG (UKN) Combat Arenas | AimTrain | Targets 2/200
Rustoria is a RUST gaming servers network with many Vanilla and Modded servers, by many options, PVE and PVP servers, Aim Training servers,  Leaderboards and..

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Literally unplayable from so much LAG on forcewipe. I wasted 45mn of my life getting fully geared, only to be killed by a naked with a rock who appeared on my screen AFTER I was already dead. You could even considered I wasted two whole months of my life since I haven't touched Rust since last forcewipe and now I missed this forcewipe so I will have to wait until next month for next forcewipe. AVOID this server, and most important, DO NOT give them VIP money!!!

[r]Evolution does not recommend
Posted 5 months ago

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