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Rust Server
146 / 200
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IP Game Rust
Version 2519 Map Rustoria Map Generation
Record 923 Players Location United States
Ping 4 ms Rating 4
Website Discord None

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Rating 15

Rustoria is a RUST gaming servers network with many Vanilla and Modded servers, by many options, PVE and PVP servers, Aim Training servers,  Leaderboards and..

More servers by project Rustoria - US Main 732/775 - EU Main 541/600 - US Long 58/200 - 5x No BPs [ Solo/Duo/Trio | Shop ] JUST WIPED 45/150 - EU Long 30/200
[US] - RTG (UKN) Combat Arenas | AimTrain | Targets 19/200
[EU] - RTG (UKN) Combat Arenas | AimTrain | Targets 15/200
[EU] - 3x No BPs [Loot+/Shop/Max 6] JUST WIPED! 1/175


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