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Version 1491
Map Ambarino

IP Game RedM
Version 1491 Map Ambarino
Record 290 players Location Germany
Ping 51 ms Votes 23 votes
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Last comments

i have been in this county for all most 6 months and i have had so many great rp situation and made a lot of friends in county this is over all the best county of Redm

jones (Guest) recommends
Posted 2 months ago

If you're looking for RP this one, isn't it. the only thing these creators made was the name. Everything else is literally stolen from other creators. Admins are garbage and only thing they do is Perma ban you when you follow the rules, due to being so far up the asses of the ancient civilization in there. They can do anything, and you just shut up and take it. too many glitches to where the game is completely inoperable. So find yourself another rp server. I highly don't recommend!!!

KateBarlow does not recommend
Posted 3 months ago

fake ass admins spawn camping my friend literally over a jacket she was wearing for hours and the fact that they are trying to make it so there cant be reviews made about their server just says enough they banned us for telling the admin to do their job lol so now for the next 12 months ill be terrorizing their server

poindexter (Guest) recommends
Posted 3 months ago

Been playing on this server for about a week and I’ve had 1 issue where admins had to get involved and it got handled within 5 minutes of waiting. Really good and efficient work from the staff team and the RP always feels immersive and interesting.

Joozie (Guest) recommends
Posted 6 months ago

This is just another server where the admins are over powered and if they simply dont like you they ban you. there staff team sucks ass and like to target people. they ban for no reason alot. and simply just are people out here for power hunger. Dont at all recomend you will spend time playing then they will just ban you. if your not there to talk or farm for them to role play.

Real RP (Guest) recommends
Posted 6 months ago

Just got Rdm'd twice withing 6 minutes of first joining this server, that's including the 5 min respawn timer. admins do nothing without proof even though starting spawn lays full of dead bodies. After this first experience I'm not going to bother coming back.

UrmoMgeYnou does not recommend
Posted 8 months ago

Great server -- people usually only leave reviews if they are negative.. so take that with a grain of salt

Little Kanawha (Guest) recommends
Posted 8 months ago

dogshit server the admins are racist as fuck and allow it.

Phantom (Guest) recommends
Posted 10 months ago

The people claiming this server is Racist are just a bunch of clowns who were banned after numerous warnings. I've been playing this server for months and have NEVER experienced ANY racism as it is explicitly against the rules.

PotatoHeart (Guest) recommends
Posted 10 months ago

Hiding reviews on RedM that shows the truth won't hide how racism is allowed in your server, and it's been going for months and months, keep it up tho! "I found out ZB is white" Cause a white person can't deem a racist situation THAT YOU GUYS ALLOW. Keep it up! Actually sad humans... Wake up guys, this isn't the place to be, unless you're racist too I suppose.. Reviews here goes from months old, before 'our group' joined

ImagineBeingRacist does not recommend
Posted 10 months ago

Was just banned for doing nothing and reeked To get help in discord and banned. 0/10

ChopPvP (Guest) recommends
Posted 10 months ago

Imagine trying to justify racism by a group of people that played on a server. There are comments of racism before they even joined. That is what you call deflection. There are clips of racism and nothing was done by admins nor owner. There is even a clip of admins being in a room when a racist comment was made and they all laughed. Nothing was done!!! There is a history of racism on this server and that is a fact. The truth is racism is condoned on this server and that is a fact.

ShellyBean does not recommend
Posted 10 months ago

All of the comments saying the owner is Racist are from a banned group of people, who were warned dozens of times and didnt follow server rules. Dumbasses, who if they didnt get their way they just called everyone racists. Great server management 10/10, really good server. You can see why they are so butthurt from being banned.

coco (Guest) recommends
Posted 10 months ago

Absolutely do not recommend this server that allows RACISM and R*PE "rp", they're are literal clowns.

ImagineBeingRacist does not recommend
Posted 10 months ago

Racist owner and admins

chatanooga does not recommend
Posted 10 months ago

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