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Version 1436
Map Ambarino

IP Game RedM
Version 1436 Map Ambarino
Record 210 players Location Germany
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Last comments

dogshit server the admins are racist as fuck and allow it.

Phantom (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

The people claiming this server is Racist are just a bunch of clowns who were banned after numerous warnings. I've been playing this server for months and have NEVER experienced ANY racism as it is explicitly against the rules.

PotatoHeart (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Hiding reviews on RedM that shows the truth won't hide how racism is allowed in your server, and it's been going for months and months, keep it up tho! "I found out ZB is white" Cause a white person can't deem a racist situation THAT YOU GUYS ALLOW. Keep it up! Actually sad humans... Wake up guys, this isn't the place to be, unless you're racist too I suppose.. Reviews here goes from months old, before 'our group' joined

ImagineBeingRacist does not recommend
Posted 1 month ago

Was just banned for doing nothing and reeked To get help in discord and banned. 0/10

ChopPvP (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Imagine trying to justify racism by a group of people that played on a server. There are comments of racism before they even joined. That is what you call deflection. There are clips of racism and nothing was done by admins nor owner. There is even a clip of admins being in a room when a racist comment was made and they all laughed. Nothing was done!!! There is a history of racism on this server and that is a fact. The truth is racism is condoned on this server and that is a fact.

ShellyBean does not recommend
Posted 1 month ago

All of the comments saying the owner is Racist are from a banned group of people, who were warned dozens of times and didnt follow server rules. Dumbasses, who if they didnt get their way they just called everyone racists. Great server management 10/10, really good server. You can see why they are so butthurt from being banned.

coco (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Absolutely do not recommend this server that allows RACISM and R*PE "rp", they're are literal clowns.

ImagineBeingRacist does not recommend
Posted 1 month ago

Racist owner and admins

chatanooga does not recommend
Posted 1 month ago

Racist Owner, Don't bother if you want a unique RP experience, The RP here is controlled by the owner and his racist friends.

boything does not recommend
Posted 1 month ago

Racist owner stay away from this server.

Mark (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 month ago

Terrible experience with the owner being racist and weird, he justify his actions by fetishizing his wife being biracial ??? Lmaoo i can’t make this stuff up, him and the admins are pathetic and weird atp

Lleezysin does not recommend
Posted 2 months ago

This server is so bad they banned me out there discord for no reason. I asked for help and no one helped me I waited 1 hour couldn’t even do nothing in game as I was stuck this is so sad how they don’t give people chances in this server.

Damien the third (Guest) recommends
Posted 2 months ago

The WORST server They’re racist DO NOT RECOMMEND

Piinkythegoat does not recommend
Posted 2 months ago

Racist THE worst server banned multiple black people for NOTHING !!

Piinky (Guest) recommends
Posted 2 months ago

It's a shame that I got banned for asking a favor the developer just saw a text of mine and red it like I'm coming with bad attitude even tho I'm answering to all the people who ask really nicely . He said and I quote " I don't like your attitude.what about you play somewhere else . If you read this my guy I hope you understand. That text is different then meaning. And I hope we will talk about it on discord . And I'm sorry if I offended you.

Mike (Guest) does not recommend
Posted 3 months ago

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