Rustility - US | 2X Thursdays

Rust Server
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IP Game Rust
Version 2519 Map Procedural Map
Record 18 Players Location United States
Ping 4 ms Rating 6
Website Discord @DVzVZ7ebU7

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Rustility - US | 2X Thursdays

Rustility is a 2X Server with Trade/Starter Kits, Everyone is included from noobs to experienced players, we have the most supportive staff team out there, guranteed all your questions will be answered! Rustility is a semi-competitive server, with a perfect amount of QOL plugins like, Remove Tool, Furnace Splitter, Blueprint Share, Trade, Clearer Nights, Base Workbenches, 2x Furnace Smelt, Kits, MagicLoot (2x Multiplier), Box Sort, Discord Kit, Steam Kit.
Join our discord and see server info here:

Wipe Schedule: Thursday at 12PM PDT or 3PM EST | Weekly Map Wipes - Monthly Blueprint Wipes |

2X Vanilla Feel
Starter Kits
All Monuments
Active Admin / Moderators

- No Racism, Homophobia, Excessive Toxicity, no banned alts, no EAC, no hacking, no scripting, no bug abuse, No advertising, Staff have final say, No toxicity towards staff (we are all friendly here)

Server Name: Rustility - US | 2X Vanilla | Thur


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Wipe 3 weeks ago

Procedural Map

Current map on this server for RUST

Server Added 1 year ago

Last Update 10 minutes ago