User agreement

User agreement for the provision of services of the Site

This User Agreement governs the relationship on the use of the Internet resource with the address (hereinafter referred to as "Monitoring Gaming servers") between (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor") and a legal entity or individual using the Site for the purpose of searching, viewing and / or hosting game servers (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

By registering on the Site or using the Site to search / view game servers, the User agrees with this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "PS") and assumes the rights and obligations specified therein related to the use of the Site.

Placing game servers on the Site that are not aimed at carrying out business activities is free, unless otherwise expressly indicated on the Site and / or in the PS and / or the Offer. In the absence of a special indication on the Site and / or in the PS and / or the Offer, the opposite is also true: the free placement of the game server submitted by the User directly indicates that it was submitted not in connection with and not for the purpose of carrying out business activities. Users are obliged to use the capabilities of the Site in good faith and not to allow the placement of servers that do not correspond to the real goals of the Users. Terms used in this PS

Internet resource - a set of integrated software and hardware and information intended for publication on the Internet and displayed in a specific text, graphic or sound form. The Internet resource is available to Internet users through a domain name and (Uniform Resource Locator) - a unique e-mail address that allows access to information and hardware and software complex or through a corresponding mobile application.
The site is an Internet resource that allows the User to place, search, view game servers. All rights to the Site belong to the Contractor.