Show game server players and info on your Website - Play-Servers API

Server API Guide

Need to show your Game Server players, information & statistic on your Website - You can use our Play-Servers API, based on Json or JS

Supported games

Play-Servers Json API

Available tags: players, maxplayers, gameid, game, gamename, connectlink, ip, port, status, mapname, version, recordplayers, hostname, votes, ping, location_code, info_updated

ID - Your server id on Play-Servers Network

Maps API (Beta)

Available tags: mapname, big_image, small_image, description

GAMEID - GameID, MAPNAME - Map name in this game. If this map doesn`t have image or description - returns 'none'

Votes API (Beta)

success (Player voted & first query, if you get this result - you can give a reward to player)
already (Player voted & query already used before)
error (Can't find vote info for this server and this player name / ip)

SERVERID - Server ID, PLAYER - Player IP / Nickname used in vote

If you need to use Nicknames, you need to send a Array request (Need: votifer = 1, nickname = Player Name) from your website/plugin form to server page on Play-Servers

JS API (Legacy version):
1. First you need to place to (< head>) tag this code:

server_id - your server id on Play-Servers (

2. Now you can use special keys with information needed

Available keys:
ip - Adress without port
port - Server port
status - Server status (1 - online | 0 - offline)
hostname - Server name
gamemode - Server gamemode param
players - Players online
maxplayers - Maximum players on server
record - Players record
lastconnect - Last connect time
version - Server version
votes - Server votes

How to use this: (Show this information on your website)

Example (Change server id and paste this code on your website page):

You see this:
Server: Game Default Server Name
IP: 12.34.567.89:28015
Version: 1.0
Online: 52 / 500
Players record: 153
Information updated: 01.05.2021 12:00
Status: Online
Votes: 413

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