Game Servers API

Play-Servers API

Unlock the power of your server info with our Play-Servers API! Access player info, map, version, and more for your gaming server effortlessly. Enhance your server website or app with real-time server details.

Supported games

ARK SE ARK SA Arma 3 CS 1.6 CS2 CS:GO DayZ FiveM Garry's Mod Isle Evrima Isle Legacy MC:PE Minecraft RedM Rust SA-MP TF2

Available Options: players, maxplayers, gameid, game, gamename, connectlink, ip, port, status, mapname, version, recordplayers, hostname, votes, ping, location_code, info_updated

ID - Your server ID

Maps API (Beta)
Available Options: mapname, big_image, small_image, description


Votes API (Beta)
success (Player voted & first query, if you get this result - you can give a reward to player)
already (Player voted & query already used before)
error (Can't find vote info for this server and this player name / ip)

SERVERID - Your server ID, PLAYER - Player IP / Nickname used in vote

If you need to use Nicknames, you need to send a $_POST request (Need: votifer = 1, nickname = Player Name) from your website/plugin form to server page on Play-Servers