Server Verification

16 Mar, By Michael | FAQ | 421 | 0

Server verification   is an monitoring ability that allows the real server owners to move server permissions to your account.

This page will help you get information about how to verify your server in Play-Servers, if this server is already exist. Verification will give you the opportunity to edit server options, description, and manage other capabilities of your server in Play-Servers.

This function works in automatic mode. In order to bind an existing server in monitoring, follow the instructions below:

1. Click User > Settings. On this tab you will find: "Verification ID: psv1234". Copy psv code with your account number.

2. Add this code to your server name (Example: "My Server Name psv1234"). To apply the new server name you may need to restart your server. 

3. Wait for next servers update wave in our monitoring (Usually it happens every 1-10 minutes).

After successful verification, your server will be automatically linked to your account, and will receive a  icon.

Congratulations! Now you can use all options to manage and edit your server

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