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Rustoria is a RUST gaming servers network with many Vanilla and Modded servers, by many options, PVE and PVP servers, Aim Training servers,  Leaderboards and more.

Rustoria: Reviews

  • kisspng-fairchild-republic-a-10-

    yes good server

    2 years ago
  • Michaelkonsta

    Good server!

    7 months ago
  • [r]Evolution

    Literally unplayable from so much LAG on forcewipe. I wasted 45mn of my life getting fully geared, only to be killed by a naked with a rock who appeared on my screen AFTER I was already dead. You could even considered I wasted two whole months of my life since I haven't touched Rust since last forcewipe and now I missed this forcewipe so I will have to wait until next month for next forcewipe. AVOID this server, and most important, DO NOT give them VIP money!!!

    1 year ago
  • ColugoLT

    same what the guy before me said... joined force instantly and wanted to try the tug boat strat for the first time after failing 2 other times and you literally could barely move, all players were floating, the tug boat itself was teleporting, when i finally got it and drove away the game crashed,and as you'd think, when your game crashes you get to skip queue like in other servers, but here? nooo, you have to wait for the queue. my friend then tried to secure the tugboat and his game crashed.

    3 months ago