Forgotten Trails

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  • Ping 144 ms.
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  • Version None
  • Map redm-map-one
  • Players peak 126
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About this server

Forgotten Trails 18+|NEW SERVER| Player Driven Economy | Streamer Friendly | Friendly Community | Serious RP | Active Development | Active Admins

About Forgotten Trails

Our main goal for creating this community is to provide a place where people can feel safe and welcome . Each day we are growing and looking to welcome more people.

Think you’re a sharpshooter and you can handle anything criminals can toss your way ? Go have a talk with the Law and work your way up within the local Sheriff’s Office. Oh, hate taking orders from your superiors ? Then maybe you better become a bounty hunter. In case you prefer to take care of sick and hurt rather than cause injuries, you might want to become a certified doctor or a shaman who carries on the indigenous practices taught by your ancestors. Like guns and got an eye for deadly aesthetics? Learn how to craft them and become the most in-demand gunsmith in the county! Oh, and in case you are one of those crazy horse people, you can tame them, train them, rac

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Server Reviews (2)

  • RealStonerGamer Reply

    Addressing concerns. Committed to fair play and RP experience. Report investigations are thorough. Oversight on age restrictions unintentional, undergoing review. Contact moderation for further details. Continuous improvement. Appreciate your input.

    4 months ago
    Dovahkaal Reply

    Forgotten Trails RedM disappoints with admin abuse and favoritism, letting rule-breaking slide. An unsettling incident of inappropriate roleplay went unaddressed, resulting in my punishment. The server's failure to address issues and allowing minors, against rules, makes recommending it challenging. - President of Rhodes

    4 months ago