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Rust Server
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  • Ping 51 ms.
  • Location
  • Version 2546
  • Map Custom Map
  • Players peak 22
  • 0 votes

Custom Map

About this server

Welcome to SmallRust!
No TP, No Kits, No P2W

Max group 5
Map wipes on the third thursday of every month. Map & BP wipes monthly at force wipe
Map Size: 2800

✔x2 gather(Sulfur is x1)
✔Vanilla stack sizes
✔recyclers at monuments

General Rules:
-English only in general chat!
-No cheating!

Teaming Rules:
-No Teaming outside of your clan/team
-No allying outside of your clan/team
-No raiding with other clans or players outside of your clan/team
-No roaming with other players outside of your clan/team

Have fun!

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