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  • Ping 64 ms.
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  • Version 2546
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  • Players peak 17
  • 174 votes

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About this server

- Hosted on TEMPEST
- 5X Gathering
- Junk removed from loot
- Space, Convoy, Cargo Train Event and more!
- Detailed Player stats
- RAID ALARM - Alerts you via Rust+ when your base is damaged
- SKINBOX: free for all!
- Custom bosses and npcs with amazing loot!
- Tier 1 BP Unlocked TP home safe
- Custom maps but fps focused.
- Short Nights: Nights are just 5 minutes long.
- Server shop: spend your RP points!
- Starter kits: to get you off your feet.
- Remove tool: Remove building blocks at any time.
- Vehicles: spawn your personal mini-chopper, or other vehicles.
- Sign artist, furnace splitter, fast craft, fast smelt and many other cool mods are available.
- Active Admins: Toxic players, tryhards, griefers and hackers will be banned without warning.
- Max clan count: 4
- Discord support system:

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