Relaxed Rust - PVE - 4x/RaidBases/Zombies/Town/ZLevels

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  • Ping 140 ms.
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  • Version 2547
  • Map Custom Map
  • Players peak 20
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Custom Map

About this server

Welcome to Relaxed Rust - 4x gather PvE modded.
This is a PVE server with half of normal decay.
Z levels for resource gathering and crafting increases. Backpack available. Personal recycler as well as craft recycler available.
50k stack size on most everything.
Must use removal tool for base adjustments. Furnace manager as well.
Admin shop is on map currently located east of N16 . No Burnable meat. Auto-sort on Furnaces and Refineries.
Commands can be used on the server by typing the following commands.
mymini spawns a minicoptor. nomini will despawn the same minicoptor.
callheli username calls in your own personal attack heli on your base.
backpack will open a personal backpack space.
rec will open a personal recycler
recycler.craft will allow you to craft a recycler for your base.
fast smelting.
town, home and person TP available

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