[NA] IronOxide |2X|BiWeekly|Enhanced PvPvE|No BP Wipe| - Rust server

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Version 2352
Map IronOxide

IP Game Rust
Version 2352 Map IronOxide
Record 5 players Location Canada
Ping 26 ms Votes 0 votes
Website ironoxidena.gameserverapp.net/ Discord @tesuZ5CtJ8

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IronOxide is dedicated to bring you both a better PvP and PvE experience, here is how:

• 2X everything including quarry mining, except Sulfur which is kept at 1X

• 50% Reduced crafting and Smelting times

• 50% Decay Reduction

• 2-4X Stacking for everything except Weapons

• Enhanced loot tables (Loot Table & Stacksize GUI)

• NPC Raidable Bases & Dangerous Treasures

• Bradley Guards, Paratroopers, Airfield Drops, HeliRefuel

• Unlimited Shop Stock

• Recyclers at every monument

• 50% Vehicle Decay Reduction near TC

• 50% more expensive to Offline Raid players

• Event Messages

• And more!

Generic Server Info:

• IP: (If server doesn't show, type in console "connect")

• Group limit: 3

• Bi-Weekly Map Wipe:

• Wiped 8/4/22

• Next Wipe 8/18/22

• No BP Wipe

• ServerArmour Server Protection

• 45min Day, 5min Night

• Daily Restarts at 5am EST

• Active Staff

• Not-for-profit, most/all donations/contributions a

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Great for those looking to get more out of Rust by doing modded events that provide better PvE and PvP opportunities.

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Wipes every 2 weeks Last wipe 1 week ago
Server added 2 weeks ago
Last update 3 hours ago