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Version 1604
Map Los Santos

IP Game FiveM
Version 1604 Map Los Santos
Record 8 players Location United States of America
Ping 63 ms Votes 2 votes
Website miamilifegaming.net Discord @discord.gg/UpqVdEZaZc

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--Content Creators Welcome! STREAM WITH OTHERS! E-GIRL FRIENDLY. Trap out or be a rich successful business man. Make products and sell them to others. Be a normal everyday Joe. or Florida man Crack head. You can also join: Florida Highway Patrol, Broward County Sheriffs, Miami Dade Police & South Beach Police.
-Gangs, Richlife, Dealerships, Custom Cars/EUP, Custom Clothing, Scripts, and Ymaps.
-Serious RP, all members active & mature.
-Drugs, Studios, Custom Los Santos Customs, DRIP.

Hello! If you are looking for a new FiveM server and wanting to maybe a Head of a Department or be apart of one you found a sever! Come on down to Miami Life and join us! We offer a new school type of vibe and make sure everyone is having a great time! We have many Department's open and they are looking for member's and want you to join us!

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Los Santos

Current map on this server is the Los Santos for FiveM game
Server added 10 months ago
Last update 1 week ago