[QB] TheBasement RP - FiveM server

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Version 2612
Map Los Santos

IP Game FiveM
Version 2612 Map Los Santos
Record 16 players Location Bulgaria
Ping 26 ms Votes 19 votes
Website ngg-bg.com Discord @pcyCM7JCS4

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Last comments

Този сървър е най добрия единствено му трябват хора

Viktor Harvatovvv (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 year ago

mnogo dobur rp server

kariks2274 (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 year ago

Mai dobriq bg survar

Bobcho (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 year ago

Сървъра е перфектен и хората са супер също така и админите са коректни 6точки🔝👌.

Adamatis (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 year ago

Very pleasant and calm to play server. You can really enjoy RP situations as well as many random situations occurring in the process of playing. You also get a lot of help and understanding from the server administration, both from the administrators and from the owners and co-owners. You can always ask yourself questions directly to the administration using the disco platform. You also have a large set of scripts that are qualitatively tested before they are released.

svetkavica1000 (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 year ago

servera e zle i tiq reklami v insta

ui mi (Guest) does not recommend
Posted 1 year ago

Най-добрия бг сървър!

bgtracker recommends
Posted 1 year ago

Супер е , чакам с нетърпение новия сезон ! Поздрави от Куката!

Л ю ц к а н (Guest) recommends
Posted 1 year ago

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Los Santos

Current map on this server is the Los Santos for FiveM game
Server added 1 year ago
Last update 1 day ago