[PL] #4 CSWroclaw.pl [★FFA★][128TR]NOWE SKINY Dreams & Nightmares Case - CS:GO server

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Map de_mirage

Version Map de_mirage
Record 5 players Location France, French Republic
Ping 3 ms Votes 17 votes
Website cswroclaw.pl Discord @CN4hk89

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[PL] #4 CSWroclaw.pl [★FFA★][TR128]NOWE SKINY Snakebite Case !agents !ws !gloves !stickers [gameME]
Nazwa serwera: FFA
IP Serwera:
Rodzaj serwera: Steam
VIP: Tak
Skiny: Tak
Kosy: Tak
Rękawiczki: Tak
Skórki agentów: Tak
Ilość slotów: 10
Fast Download: TAK

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Current map on this server is the de_mirage for Counter Strike: Global Offensive game
Server added 3 months ago
Last update 2 hours ago